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Make sure your youngest patients are on the right track

18 Month VisitRecent advances have improved our understanding of brain development in early childhood. The younger years of development are shaped by a complex mix of factors - both genes and environment. The question of nature versus nurture has now been simplified to an answer of nature and nurture.

A young brain is especially sensitive to events and environments, further underscoring the significance of providing nurturing experiences for children in the earliest years, when brain development is most rapid.

The healthcare system in Ontario recognizes 18-months as a key developmental milestone for children. The Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit is an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s development, which includes mental health, with their family physician or healthcare provider during a longer, in-depth visit.

To help you and your colleagues prepare for this important visit, McMaster University, together with the Ontario College of Family Physicians, the Infant and Child Health (INCH) Lab, Ontario Ministries of Children and Youth Services and Health and Long-Term Care have developed two free, accredited courses.

The courses cover the various components of the Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit, including the use of standardized assessment tools like the 2014 Rourke Baby Record© - Ontario, the NDDS 2011® and other key resources.

Learn more about Ontario’s Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit through our up-to-date resources or take our free, accredited courses.