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Which of your patients are at risk this summer?

When we think about summer safety, it’s easy to recall warnings against leaving pets in cars on hot days; sunscreen and skin cancer have made their way into popular discourse; and everyone knows it’s important to stay hydrated.

But helping prevent heat-related illnesses this summer isn’t always that simple. No matter what your practice, you likely have contact with patients who are particularly vulnerable to extreme heat events. There are a few key physiological factors that increase the risk of illness in older adults, children and the physically active.

VIDEO: "Which patients are vulnerable to extreme heat?" with Dr. Glen Kenny

These groups, while all vulnerable, will also need to be managed differently; this includes different prevention strategies and treatment options should heat-related illness occur. For older adults, this could be an important time for a medication review to identify any prescription drugs that could increase their risk of heat-related illnesses. Emergency management may also differ by patient type.

VIDEO: "Treatments for vulnerable groups with heat illness" with Dr. Suneel Upadhye 

For more about vulnerable populations, take the accredited machealth Extreme Heat Events course.