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Being clear about diagnostic imaging

a series of diagnostic images

Summer is winding down and September has come, which means that it is the perfect time of year to be putting our thinking caps back on. Whether you are a new med student, resident or other health professions trainee there is always something new to learn or, at the very least, something to rediscover.

Many trainees will be moving into the clinical setting and ordering chest x-rays or other diagnostic imaging investigations. We at machealth have developed a free program that briefs interested parties about Diagnostic Imaging Quality and Safety. The goals of the program are as follows: 

  • Review the sources and biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • Protect yourself when working in areas that have sources of ionizing radiation
  • Know management options for pregnant patients requiring medical imaging
  • Communicate with patients and their families about the risks and benefits of medical imaging

This program was developed with the help of the Canadian Association of Radiologists, and comes packaged with an associated medical imaging primer, it gives a brief overview of ionizing radiation, the dosage associated with various radiological examinations, the precautions that need to be taken with a pregnant patient and the techniques of basic protection from radiation exposure as a physician, student, or resident.

Machealth has developed a course that works in conjunction with the medical primer to assist the reader in their learning. Share this course with anyone who is interested in learning about radiology, or needs a refresher on pre-existing knowledge.