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Comprehending Our Cardiovascular Constitution

a plastic heart entwined with a stethoscopeToday is World Heart Day 2016! A day that is meant to bring a healthier awareness to one of the most important organs in our bodies. Take some time to appreciate what your heart does for you, and remind your patients to do the same.

But what happens when our hearts are not so healthy? There is but a handful of medical disciplines in which understanding of basic physiology is critical to recognising the clinical manifestations of a disease. Cardiology is a paramount example of such a symbiosis. 

We at Machealth want to help the world’s medical students and trainees to learn all that they can about cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology. The brainchild of cardiologist extraordinaire Dr. Ernest Fallen and developed by our Division of e-Learning Innovation team at McMaster, our interactive multimedia e-Learning resource ‘Tales from the Heart’ is designed to help medical students learn about the heart and how it can be impacted by ten different cardiac conditions. Explore our course to learn about the approaches to the diagnosis and management of these cardiovascular conditions and help to make sure no one’s heart is ever perceived as broken. Even if you aren’t a medical student or resident, the free resource makes for a great review.

Get started with Tales from the Heart today!