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Too busy to stay on top of the latest in mental health research? Let MentalHealth⁺ do the work for you.

polygonal brainWe are proud to announce the public launch of our latest project, MentalHealth+. This pre-appraised premium literature service directs the latest information from the world of mental health research straight into your inbox.

MentalHealth+ was designed to act as your own personalized filter to the most relevant mental health research.

MentalHealth+ is a service of the Health Information Research Unit, McMaster University, a product of the McMaster Premium Literature Service, McMasterPLUS™. Citations are pulled from over 120 premier clinical journals, and then review the article for methodological rigour as well as clinical relevance and newsworthiness by at least three experts in the field.

The current features of MentalHealth+ include:

  • e-mail alerts about new evidence. Each alert includes clinical ratings and comments, and electronic links to the article's abstract via PubMed (if available) and full-text article via PubMed or the publisher's site (if available for free)
  • a cumulative searchable database of the alerts that is continuously updated (from mid-2007 forward)
  • a search interface to access relevant information in the accumulating database
  • evidence-based search strategies for MEDLINE to supplement searches in the cumulated PLUS database when needed
  • ratings of each eligible article for clinical relevance and newsworthiness by at least 3 practitioners for each discipline for which the article might be pertinent
  • download options for citation management
  • links to evidence-based resources

In order to personalize your MentalHealth+ alerts, you must also be a registered machealth user. As such, make sure you have registered for a machealth account before checking out MentalHealth+, otherwise, you will not be able to customize your MentalHealth+ experience.

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