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Bringing Clarity to Dementia with iGericare

iGericare Cover ImageWe are excited to give you the first look at our latest e-learning initiative, iGericare. We appreciate that a dementia diagnosis can be a stressful experience for your patients and their families; an overwhelming amount of information needs to be taken in during an already difficult time. Our goal is to provide easy access to simple lessons and helpful resources that allow individuals to learn about all aspects of dementia at their own pace, in their own homes. 

To that end, iGericare is host to a series of wonderfully designed e-learning lessons that have been crafted to bring clarity to dementia. These lessons cover a multitude of introductory topics, such as ‘What is Dementia, ‘What is Mild Cognitive Impairment’, and other topics related to treatment, safety considerations, and more. The courses are entirely free and can be completed on any modern internet-enabled device. 

Each lesson comes paired with unique curated resources that complement the lesson content. These resources can be found on the lesson page OR collected on the resource page.

Online discussions round out the iGericare experience. We provide an opportunity for families, caregivers, and patients to ask questions and share experiences with those who are on the same journey. All you need to do to participate is register for a free account.

Like everything we do, the educational content on iGericare is informed by only the highest-quality, evidence-based health information. Led by Dr. Richard Sztramko and Dr. Anthony Levinson, iGericare was created by Division of e-Learning Innovation (DeLI) and the GERAS Centre at McMaster University.

We are happy to invite you to take a first look at iGericare. If you have the opportunity, we are looking for your feedback. We are currently inviting users to take a short survey about their experience using the site. Keep an eye out! 

PS. Keep an eye out for our live-streamed Q&A events, featuring health experts exploring a variety of dementia-related topics!