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pediatric emergency department asthma care pathway

I am the Respiratory Educator here at Dryden Regional Health Centre. I love the PEDACP pathway and I want to use the video to introduce the pathway to the ER nurses. Can I set up one login for our emergency department and one password? If I ask each nurse to login and set up an account with Machealth I don't think it will happen. They just won't do it. or is there any way to just get a copy of the video to show them? thank you Jennifer Millard RN, CRE
  • Thank you very much for your interest in the P-EDACP program, Jennifer. The course is designed to have an individual user create an account in order to track the person's completion of the modules/course. This way, each learner receives an individualized Certificate of Participation for documentation of their Continuing Professional Development. Many nurses submit this as proof of participating in the course as part of their individual learning portfolio.

    If a single login/password were created (or one user were to provide their login credentials to the whole department), only that one account would show proof of participation/completion, which some users might be upset about if they wanted to add this to their individual portfolio. But it is theoretically possible to do this.

    I can contact the Lung Association and Dr. Mona Jabbour - co-creators of the course - to see if they would be open to hosting an alternative version of the course that would not require a login and password. In the past - with other courses - this has created somewhat more confusion than just the free account creation. (As users would request the Certificate of Participation after participating in the 'open access' version.)

    With your colleague's permission, you could enter their email address as 'part 1' of the registration, then all they would have to do is go to their email to activate the free machealth account and access the course. There may also be other machealth courses/programs that they are potentially interested in visiting; so having their own account would be useful from that standpoint.

    I hope that helps address some of your questions, and thank you again for your interest in the P-EDACP course!