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Forums related to machealth help and support questions.


Hi again Jodie

Call me crazy, but I could have sworn, "start a new topic" was not a button to click when I asked for help a moment earlier at the end of another long thread. Either I am crazy, or the machine is messing with me. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


  • Jodie, sorry to bug you, me again (and again.) Something is definitely wrong with my account. Today's thread just looks weird in the formatting on the site, and not all the posts are going in the RSS. And there definitely was NOT a "create new topic" button for help this time! Maybe the machine is just trying to tell me I am talking too much...



  • In reply to Lisa Bromley:

    Hi Lisa! The good news is you're not crazy! The formatting was thrown off and we have fixed the problem now. Can you tell me what device you were posting from and what browser you were using? It appeared to be centered around your posts so we would like to try to recreate the problem if we can. When you post via email can you delete any old posts from your response that may be included in your email below your response? We believe this may be contributing to the problem.

    Thanks for reporting this and for your patience!

    Kind Regards,

  • In reply to Jodie Bousfield:

    Hi Jodie

    Formatting on portal is still off, and Sari's last post disappeared in my email inbox. Can't reply because of the weird formatting on the portal which cuts off my text...



  • In reply to Lisa Bromley:

    Hi Lisa,

    The fix is not permanent unfortunately. We can only clean up the formatting when the problem occurs. I have more testing to do to fix the problem permanently but hopefully we'll figure it out soon.