Forums related to machealth help and support questions.

Forums related to machealth help and support questions.

Unable to view forum thread from email subscription notice

We have had reports from members who are subscribed to by email to forum threads that have attempted to use the "View Online" link in the email message only to get an access denied message.

If a member is not signed into the portal and is trying to access a program that is private from this email link this is the message that they will see. 

The machealth team is actively looking into how we can improve this experience for our members including better wording around this error message but in the mean time I suggest the following steps:
Option 1:
  1. Visit the sign in screen
  2. Sign in with your credentials
  3. Open the email and then click the "view online" link
Option 2:
  1. Reply via email to the forum post

We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we sort out the best way to handle this.

Kind Regards,