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Forums related to machealth help and support questions.

Blank Screen when Trying to Access Courses

Good evening,

I've been hoping to start and complete my two IPE Course Modules. However, whenever I try to start the course, I am redirected to a blank screen. This appears to be in line with other help topics on this forum. I have tried accessing content on multiple operating system (Android and Windows) as well as multiple browsers (Chrome and Windows Explorer). Based on the other responses on the forums it seems that this is a common issue and it seems to be primarily resolved on machealth's end. Either way, I want to work with the content as soon as possible to prepare for my placement experience and so I hope we can come to resolution soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Christopher Degagne
Student Occupational Therapist

  • Hi Christopher,

    Thank you for including all of your technical details in your post when providing the details of the issue. This issue is related to not having your first and last name fields filled out in your profile when you attempt to start a course. I have fixed this for you and you should be all set.

    I apologize for all the trouble you have had and thank you for your patience.

    Kind Regards,