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dyspraxia vs Developmental Coordination disorder?

Dyspraxia is a symptom seen often in Developmental Coordination Disorder. What is dyspraxia?
  • Hi Ingrid,

    this website provides a good overview of the term and the differences:

    In the UK, sometimes the terms of used almost interchangeably.

    In Canada, we tend to use the term quite broadly to mean "trouble with motor skills". (It could be fine motor, gross motor, motor planning, coordination - really non-specific.) While this is particularly common in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder, it can also be seen in adults and people with a variety of neurological conditions. I find with older adults/dementia/other adults, we tend to use the term 'apraxia' more than 'dyspraxia' - but both are used.

    Hope that helps somewhat, and the website reference above has more background specifically on dyspraxia and its relation to DCD.