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Missing information in module?

Hello, I am taking the Building Competence in Older Adult Care course. When arrived at module 7 (Intro to Issues and Challenges), I am only presented with a short introduction and objectives but no further information about the topic that it is suppose to cover. It then tells me to proceed to the next module. I was wondering if this is normal for the course or where can I access resources to learn about this topic? Thank you!

  • Thank you very much for your message.
    1. The 'Intro to Issues and Challenges' module was intended as merely an intro to the topic, so I don't think it is inaccurate or missing content. However...
    2. Based on the objectives outlined in that Intro module, I think you are correct that our course collaborators did NOT wind up creating modules for all of the objectives. They were really only able to cover the learning objective of "examine privacy, ethics and legal issues surrounding older adults".
    3. The Intro module notes a 4th competency will be covered on "Optimize the environment for dignity, privacy, engagement and safety, adapting to the unique preferences of each older adult." - but I don't think that module was ever developed.
    4. The curriculum workbook or handout cites 'Module 9: Exploring Issues and Challenges of Older Adulthood" - but unfortunately, I don't think the course authors had time to complete/develop that module.

    While not a specific educational resource, the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal has a lot of excellent evidence based content on aging, as well as professional articles:

    But it isn't structured like a course per se.

    Thank you again for noting this - I can reach out to the original course authors to see if they have any interest in updating the modules and adding in the 'missing pieces'.

    Best regards,