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How do I adjust my notifications?

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the site.
  2. Navigate to the Settings and make sure you've clicked on the Notifications tab.
  3. Scroll to the following sections and make your selections:
    1. Activity from your program- These notifications include actions other members take in relation to the member, for example following or mentioning them. They include:
        1. Follows me
        2. Requests my friendship
        3. Approves my friendship request
        4. New program memberships not added by you
        5. Membership request in programs to which you are an owner
        6. Mentions my programs
        7. Mentions me
        8. Sends me a private message or replies to my private message

    2. Activity related to content you write- These notifications include actions that other members take in relation to the content the member creates, for example replying to a forum question/discussion or liking content. They include:
        1. Comments on content that I comment on
        2. Comments on content that I write
        3. Replies you created awaiting moderation
        4. Replies to my question or discussion
        5. Threads you created awaiting moderation
        6. Replies to a question or discussion I have replied to or suggested an answer to
        7. Suggests an answer to my question
        8. Verifies a reply as an answer to my question
        9. Forums requiring moderation
        10. Likes content I write
        11. Rates content I write
    3. To receive an email notification for a type, select its left-column check box. To stop receiving such notifications, deselect the left check box.
    4. To receive Live Alerts for a notification, select its right-column check box. To discontinue receiving both notifications and Live Alerts, deselect the left-column check box.
    5. Click Save.