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Forums related to machealth help and support questions.

How do I edit my profile information?

You can edit your profile information by clicking the Edit Profile link on your user profile page. If you choose not to fill out a field on the profile that field won't be displayed on your profile. Or, if you delete the information in a previously published version of your profile the information will be removed from public view.

  1. Click your user avatar.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click Edit Profile. You can edit the following items:
    1. Avatar - You can change your avatar by following this procedure.
    2. Biography - Here is where you can post your bio for the community to get to know you.
    3. About - By default, this area will have the language set for you, and that will appear on your profile. Other fields may be required or optional.
    4. Contact - This area contains a number of fields you can use for member contact. As previously noted, one or some of these fields might already be filled in from your registration form information. Possible Contact fields include your public email, blog URL, media gallery URL, Twitter ID, Facebook ID, AOL IM ID, Yahoo IM ID, Google IM ID, or Windows Live IM ID.
    5. Custom profile fields - Your community manager can configure custom profile fields for you to fill out. These fields be made searchable directly from your profile when configured by the community administrator.