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How do I change my profile settings?

Customizing your profile settings will help you make the most out of your machealth experience. This is where you can control things like email notifications and visibility.

You can access the options by clicking on the profile icon in the top right of your screen. Click on Settings, and navigate to the Options tab. If you need more help with your profile settings, contact us.

Property Description
Email address System contact email address. Not shared publicly.
Enable email contact check box Enables or disables site emails and notifications.
Enable HTML emails check box Allows HTML formatting for email clients that support it.
Content editor Specifies which content editor to use. The portal supports a plain text and an enhanced editor.
Time zone Allows a user to set his own time zone for date display.
Date format

The date format the user wants to use for the site. The activity messages that display in his/her list will use the format selected from this drop-down list. The user can decide between standard American format, European format, or other formats.

Allow private messages from Specifies whom the user wants to receive private messages from.
Share bookmarks check box Enables others to see the user's bookmarks.
Include in search check box The user can be found in search, if enabled.
Display user signature Enables the user's signature to be displayed with forum posts.
Sign-in name Specify the username used to sign into the community.
Password Enables the user to change his/her password.
Last sign-in Date the user last signed in.

API keys

Creation and management of the user's API keys.