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Ontario's Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit

Developed by experts in child development at McMaster University, this program provides healthcare professionals access to certified online learning programs, resources, and communities related to Ontario's Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit.

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Supporting Healthy Child Development with Ontario's Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit
Learn about the various components of the Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit, including the use of standardized assessment tools such as the Rourke Baby Record and the Looksee Checklist. Review the neuroscience that underpins the importance of this developmental evaluation.
Optimizing Well-Baby Care: Conducting an Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit
Get a hands-on introduction to the use of the Looksee Checklist and the Ontario version of the Rourke Baby Record with interactive patient case examples. Consider the red flags, questions to ask, and what actions you might take in response to the parent’s completed Looksee Checklist and other information you learn about the child and get expert tips throughout.

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