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Advanced Access and Efficiency for Primary Care

Modules to help you learn, test, and implement best practices, change concepts, and innovative approaches to improvement that will enable you and your team to “do today's work today”.

    • Nov 14, 2013

    Advanced Access and Efficiency: Do I need to do both

    Issue Access is a philosophy that focuses on meeting the demands of one’s practice population in a patient-centred and timely fashion, with the goal of giving patients the ability to book appointment when they need it (be it today, tomorrow, or in 3 months). 1 Efficiency is being more efficient in the office processes leading up to, during and after a patient’s appointment, and it goes hand in hand with...
    • Sep 10, 2012

    Does Implementing Advanced Access Take a Long Time?

    Implementing the principles and practices of Advanced Access and Efficiency will vary for each primary care provider. Typically practices make great strides while participating in the improvement initiative and continue to refine the improvements over time. The portal provides programs, tools and resources that teams can use to be successful in creating lasting improvements. The online forum allows providers...