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Mental Health Law: CCB Hearing Preparation

For Ontario psychiatry residents and psychiatrists: prepare smarter for Ontario Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) hearings.

Project Leads

  • Dr. Anthony J. Levinson
  • Dr. Emmanuel Persad
  • Mr. Joaquin Zuckerberg
  • Mr. Panos Petrides
  • Dr. Karen Saperson
  • Dr. Sarah Garside

Advisory Committee Members

  • Dr. Joann Corey
  • Dr. Michele Doering
  • Dr. Varinder Dua
  • Dr. Alison Freeland
  • Dr. Ruzica Jokic
  • Dr. Ari Zaretsky

Legal Advisors

  • Mr. Joaquin Zuckerberg

Resident Representatives

  • Dr. Supuneet Bismil
  • Dr. Anjali Sharma

Division of e-Learning Innovation, McMaster University

  • Mrs. Jodie Bousfield
  • Mr. John Bousfield
  • Mrs. Marie Levesque
  • Mr. Amaan Rattansi