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CommunicateCARE: A Curriculum of Caring for People with Developmental Disabilities

Grace: Meet Grace...Meet Needs

Grace was born in 1988, and was diagnosed with autism at the age of five.

Grace’s early years proved to be a mix of fascinating and challenging experiences for her and her family. They have explored many avenues through the healthcare system, some more successful than others. We are fortunate to hear about their experiences and the wisdom gained from this journey.

Grace showed an interest in art from an early age. Over the years, her love for artistic expression has evolved from a fun pastime to a blossoming career. As an individual affected by autism, Grace experiences heightened sensory perceptions. She is believed to have Synesthesia, the intermingling of senses, where music has colour, and colour has smell. This sensory acuity is also visible in her art, as she combines patterns and textures with strong use of colour in ways that reflect both the chaos and beauty of her experiences living with autism.

Featured in this video is Grace, her parents Gerry and Janet, and their former caregiver, family friend and medical student, Amanda Ritsma.

Be sure to check out Grace’s art gallery and video!

Be sure to check out this video with more about Grace, her life and family: