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McMaster Toolkit on Working with Older Adults

Resources designed for health professionals to help with attitudinal competencies and communication skills that are essential for the care of older adults.

This program, or 'toolkit', is grounded in evidence and our own research, and consists of an online course, a video case study, and other resources to help improve attitudes and communication skills essential for the care of older adults. Financial support for this project was provided by the Labarge Foundation.

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Building Competence in Older Adult Care
Get an overview of the importance of communication as well as best practices when caring for older adults; typical and atypical changes related to the aging process; important psychosocial issues and challenges; privacy and legal issues; and examine your assumptions related to caring for older adults in the healthcare system.

Featured Resource

So, Who's Making the Decisions?

An interprofessional, person-centred approach to the care of the older adult. This video will walk you through a patient scenario regarding the care of the older adult.

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