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Quality in Family Practice

Learn more about a major initiative of the OCFP and the McMaster Department of Family Medicine to improve the quality of health care through a voluntary quality assessment program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care.

Celebrating Quality in Family Practices: Creating a Primary Care Quality Improvement Strategy

Created as a result of the Symposium on Celebrating Quality in Family Practices: Part II, held in Toronto on September 23, 2011, this document is anchored in the results of the consultation process recently undertaken by the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP). The purpose of the process was to engage in a conversation with the public, our Members and key government and healthcare organizational leaders regarding the need to develop a "Primary Care Quality Improvement Strategy" in keeping with the "Excellent Care for All Act".
  • I am interested  in this group.

    I am active with MMAP but was very involved in the USA with Managed Care Orgs and Hospital Quality Orgs (Being employed with Health Care Insurers such as BCBST for a number of years.

    Also certified by the ABQAURP.

    I realize that Quality for Reimbursement (Eg MACRA in the USA) is not so much the issue here since I moved to Ontario last year but I am interesting in contributing nevertheless.