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Spirometry: A Clinical Primer

A program for health care providers to help them understand the role of spirometry as an objective measurement of lung disease, review spirometry testing, terms and measurements, understand the criteria for best test acceptability/repeatability.

The role of spirometry in sorting out undifferentiated chest symptoms – Dr. Anthony D’Urzo

Spirometry – Calibrate today – Dr. Meridene Haynes

Why spirometry is not being done - Dr. Eric Hentschel

When to do ‘POST Bronchodilator’ Spirometry: Why it should always be done for diagnosis - Dr. Itamar E. Tamari, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Spirometry Video Vignette on flow/volume loop shape - specifically the inspired portion

Challenges in interpreting Pediatric Lung Function Tests -  Dr. Allan Coates