Tales from the Heart

I wish I'd had an online case-based, multimedia conceptual overview of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology when I went through medical school.

A Case-Based Conceptual Approach to Cardiology

Ernest L. Fallen, MD, FRCP(C)
Multimedia Artist: Ed Mallon
Instructional Design: Anthony Levinson, MD, FRCP

There is but a handful of medical disciplines in which understanding of basic physiology is critical to recognising the clinical manifestations of disease. Cardiology is a paramount example of such a symbiosis. This multimedia, interactive e-learning resource makes no apology for being less than all-inclusive. Rather, its major aim is to enable the learner to conceptualise an approach to the clinical diagnosis and management of cardiac patients based on sound principles of applied physiology. Contained herein are ten chapters – each offering a unique challenge to apply these principles in the setting of individual case scenarios covering a wide array of cardiac conditions.

The chapters should flow smoothly. Each begins with a brief story of the clinical presentation. A decision point is then reached - represented in the form of multiple options – directions, if you will, on how to proceed. Each of your responses, whether correct or not, is positively reinforced with feedback designed to illustrate how applied physiology facilitates the diagnosis and rationalises an approach to management - always mindful of the patient’s anticipated reaction, needs and preferences. Your clinical responsibility never wavers as your patient stumbles through a branching network of different circumstances, each posing a different set of options. The narrative is occasionally highlighted with animated images - a visual framework to help understand the mechanisms of disease processes and how they manifest clinically.

You should have fun.

Produced under the auspices of The Division of Cardiology, The Division of e-Learning Innovation, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University and The Population Health Research Institute Hamilton Health Sciences

Tales from the Heart
A new mobile friendly version! Scenario-based presentations of 10 different cardiac conditions to help you with your approach and management of each.