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Asthma Action Plan

A program from the Lung Health Foundation Asthma Action Plans for providers to develop baseline knowledge of the components and benefits of using an Action Plan with patients and describe the recommended steps for escalating therapy within an action plan.

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An asthma action plan is a simple self-management tool that reduces healthcare utilization, improves quality of life and has been recommended for all patients with asthma across Canadian and international respiratory guidelines for over 20 years.  However, fewer than 2% of patients receive an action plan in practice.  This is due to many factors at the level of the physician, the patient, and the healthcare system, including the fact that clinicians do not receive any training on how to actually complete an asthma action plan. 

This course, featuring interactive case-based scenarios, will underscore the evidence for asthma action plans and provide a practical guide to completing one for adults and children. 

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