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Asthma Action Plan

A program from The Lung Association on Asthma Action Plans for providers to develop baseline knowledge of the components and benefits of using an Action Plan with patients and describe the recommended steps for escalating therapy within an action plan.

The Canadian Thoracic Society Asthma Clinical Assembly has published an update in 2012 that includes recommendations on escalation therapy within Asthma Action Plans for children and adults. In response, The Lung Association’s Provider Education Program (PEP) has developed this e-module that has integrated these recommendations and offers a unique evidence based knowledge translation platform for health care providers to facilitate integration of these recommendations into practice.

After completing the module, participants will develop baseline knowledge of the components of an asthma action plan; state the level of evidence and describe recommended steps for escalation therapy in the yellow zone of action plans; and be able to complete an action plan for children and adults with asthma reflecting these CTS recommendations.

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Asthma Action Plan
In this module, you’ll review the control criteria for asthma; understand the components of an asthma action plan; know the evidence for their use; and be able to use one with your patients.